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Printer Cartridges… Things You Need To Know

Printer cartridges… to get the right cartridge and the best value for money. At Easyink, printers and cartridges are our specialty so we’re dealing with them every day. So much so that we’re pretty good at recommending the right printers and supplying the right printer cartridges. We wrap it all in awesome service and support for our customers. Here’s some things […]

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New Ink Cartridge Not Working?

A new ink cartridge not working can be a frustrating (and costly) experience. At Easyink, printers and cartridges are our business. So every day we hear from customers and help them with their printer problems. We’ll walk you through the most common causes of a new ink cartridge not working, including the following: Some Reasons […]

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High Yield Cartridges vs Low Yield

High yield cartridges are a great way to reduce the running costs of a printer. Sure, they might cost more to purchase, but with good reason. Let me explain… Some printers accept cartridges that come in different capacities. These cartridges might appear to be the same on the outside, but vary in the volume of printing material (ink or […]

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Q-Image Printer Cartridges

Over the last several years we’ve supplied two main brands of compatible printer cartridges – Q-Image and Icon. Both brands are manufactured in top factories in China. Both have performed well for our customers. The Q-Image brand is being phased out in New Zealand so we’ve been removing the Q-Image models from our website over the last few […]

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